About us  provide customers wide range of advertisement, online and high technologies solutions, to experience the best result to expose their business, sell your products and provide visibility to their company in Qatar.
Qamous Advertising Agency provides local companies benefit of Online, Mobile, Email & Social media marketing tool to improve and achieve extra mileage to grow the profits of their business., First & Unique marketplace using the virtual reality concept to present their partners in attractive way and sell their products. team also educate business about using the best advertising tool & offer them a place to obtain knowledge in terms of Business expansion.
The successful entrepreneur knows the value of a marketplace and its benefits at both national and international platform. Being accurate in its content and efficient in its outlook we believe in providing the highest standard of quality product to our valued client.
We have therefore embarked on a total reliable concept of online marketplace.
We look forward to various challenges & opportunities coming our way and strongly believe to excel, maintaining the highest standards of professionalism.

1. Goal

Our goal is to provide accurate & up to date information, to strengthen the local economy by connecting link between both buyers & suppliers, which can lead to develop and enhance business opportunities.

2. Vision

Our vision is to improve the marketing fundamentals. Business development strives to be connecting to business development and support. A cost effective way of communicating. We believe in fundamentals of communications strategies & aims to build a reputation for effective marketing. long-term vision is to be a provider of online, social, and digital marketing services business owners, non-profit leaders, and partners in small to mid sized firms can turn to for e marketing solutions.
To affect long-term community improvement, we have opted to conduct business in a virtual manner.

3. Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the local economy, retain local businesses and recruit new businesses & add value by becoming the online and offline resource for Qatar Business Community. We ensure to have the tools, technology, and staff to accomplish goals, by learning new technologies each day to help us conduct business with our clients & provide maximum benefits.

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